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Lake Manapouri

We are staying in a small motor lodge off Lake Manapouri. Not much there, the lodge, a bar and restaurant, and a view……

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The road to Lake Manapouri

Left Dunedin kind of early afternoon, with a 4 hour journey to our next port of call Lake Manapouri. I thought we were staying at Te Anau but on further inspection, clearly not.

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One month In, all is well.

Well, it’s one month in, we’ve been to many places, seen many things. I’ve managed to not annoy my wife too much, all is good. What is the overall thing I have learnt on the trip so far?

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New Zealand Wine

The further you are away from home, the closer you are in spirit.

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Larnach Castle

Larnach Castle isn’t really a castle, it has all the component parts but couldn’t defend itself against a cold breeze, it’s more of a stately home.

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Out and About in Dunedin

Dunedin is a lovely city, really nice vibe to it. For a city it is not very busy at all, you can drive a car down the main street and pull up outside a shop.

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Dunedin Railway Station

No, you don’t normally spend time admiring a railway station, but this was a beauty.

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Quote of the Day

Joan: Do you only need T-Shirt and Pants? Chris: That’s all I’ll ever need, and the love of my beautiful wife

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Oh……..Not Good……Food Poisoning in Dunedin – or is it?

After dinner in Dunedin, it all went a bit Pete Tong

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The Road to Dunedin

Thanks to Rob and Sue for their hospitality, we spent the morning there, I even did a few chores, then off south. Had a light breakfast so we’re (I’m)  on the quest for a pie and shake.

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