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Quote of the Day

Joan: Look at that couple over there, they haven’t said 2 words to each other. Chris: That might be us one day…….we’ll run out of words. Joan: Does that mean I’ll finally get some peace?

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Catch you later Aussie!

Well, that’s our last night in Australia, and it’s off to Singapore for new year. So it’s goodbye to the land of abbreviations.

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A quick road trip into Cairns for a look around.

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Proof I am not a Bad Shopper!

On a mission to get Raspberries, unfortunately the shop has run out, so I need to get proof I am not an incompetent shopper, was looking in the wrong place, went to the wrong shop or didn’t go to the … Continue reading

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Into the rainforest

Daintree rainforest is billed as one of  the world’s oldest rainforests. We decided to skip the guided tours and make up our own road trip.

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No swimming up here in the tropics

After driving up the Aussie coastline where every town has beaches everywhere, and half the population are surfing it’s a bit surprising to see no-one in the water. The beaches are here but scary stuff lies in wait – and … Continue reading

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Port Douglas

Lovely vibe in Port Douglas, it’s got that great mix of tourists and locals, and a few really good bars. It’s pretty much 33 degrees all the time so it’s hot. Tropical conditions throughout.

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Quote of the Day

Chris: You could walk up the road and get chips Joan: I was going to heat everything else up while you got the chips Chris: I was going to watch you heat everything up when you got back from getting … Continue reading

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Off to the tropics again

A short drive from the apartment to Brisbane airport and we’re off to the tropics again. This time it’s a flight to Cairns and then pick up a car for the hour drive up to Port Douglas for Christmas. Port … Continue reading

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Festive South Bank Brisbane

South Bank Brisbane is really festive.

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