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Ao Nang – Krabi

Whoa – probably the most touristy place we have visited. Pretty much the entirety of the village of Ao Nang is given over to tourism.

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Silverland Yen Hotel

Very nice hotel in Saigon district 1. Walking distance from the centre.

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Port Douglas

Lovely vibe in Port Douglas, it’s got that great mix of tourists and locals, and a few really good bars. It’s pretty much 33 degrees all the time so it’s hot. Tropical conditions throughout.

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Bryon Bay

We get to Byron Bay only to find a party going on with live bands playing rock music. And there’s aging (and not so aging) hippies all over the place.

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On the way to Byron Bay

Just one night in Coffs Harbour then on to Byron Bay. I don’t suppose anyone knows which 80’s fictional couple had their honeymoon in Coffs Harbour?

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Oh……..Not Good……Food Poisoning in Dunedin – or is it?

After dinner in Dunedin, it all went a bit Pete Tong

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The Road to Dunedin

Thanks to Rob and Sue for their hospitality, we spent the morning there, I even did a few chores, then off south. Had a light breakfast so we’re (I’m)  on the quest for a pie and shake.

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Kia Ora New Zealand – Time Zone Madness!

Only a 5 hour flight in to Auckland, early 4.30AM start but that’s just fine, however time has now gone crazy.

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‘Mahalo’ Maui, ‘Aloha’ Oahu

A quick 30 min flight from Maui to Oahu, and you could be in a different country.

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Lahaina Town Party Night

Town party night, we were planning on chilling out but thought we should at least put in an appearance.

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