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Bye Bye Bermuda

So, it’s farewell to Bermuda. Lovely place.

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Thank You Sandpiper Apartments

Our accommodation in Bermuda – couldn’t have been better.

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An Unexpected Netflix Result

As it’s Joans Birthday today – happy birthday my love. She’s opted for a day by the pool (although it started off raining early doors). I had other plans…

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It’s Frogs vs Reggae

No, it’s not a dodgy horror crossover. The house next door is having a party, and there is Mahoooooooosive reggae blasting out from a concert quality PA. Frogs are not taking it lightly though. Contestant..ready – Gladiator…ready

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The Royal Naval Dockyards

I know Gandalf says never use the precious, but we made full use of the transport system today. We took a trip down to the Royal Naval Dockyards, caught the ferry back to Hamilton, then took another trip right to … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Chris: What I don’t really understand is why a lot of this stuff is in Waitrose packaging?Joan: We are in Waitrose.

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Getting around in Bermuda – in search of the precious

How to get about in Bermuda. Its easy and straightforward, but how do we get started?

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Bond Villain Ship or off to Jurassic Park?

When in Hamilton on Friday (3/11/2017) we encountered a very unusual ship, the seabed constructor. It genuinely looked like it was stocking up to head off to Jurassic Park.

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The power of the frog chorus

Oh how I underestimated the power of the frog chorus on Bermuda.

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Hamilton Bermuda

Today was a trip to see the capital of Hamilton, no beaches unfortunately but a beautiful town with lovely colonial buildings.  Lots of men in Bermuda shorts and long socks, but I didn’t have the courage to ask for a … Continue reading

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