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Santa Monica Beach, LA

Walking from Venice Beach, along the boardwalk, leads to Santa Monica beach where you can feel the difference in the vibe.

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Venice – L.A.

Venice in L.A. is wonderful. There used to be loads of Canals here and now there are only a few. But such a lovely place.

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Chilli Dog!

Chilli Dog!

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The L.A. Grand Tour 3 – Other Stuff

Just a collection of other things we encountered during the tour.

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The L.A. Grand Tour 2 – Griffith Park – L.A. is really, really big!

Griffith Park gives an amazing view of L.A. And it’s where the Hollywood Sign is located. L.A. it’s really, really big and sprawling. There is no public transport so getting around is problematic.

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The L.A. Grand Tour 1 – Hollywood Boulevard

Up early today as we are being collected at 8.AM for a 6 hour touristy tour of L.A. all the hollywood stuff and places of interest right across the city. Roughly 100km of travel across the city apparently. Courtesy of … Continue reading

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The Hollywood Sign

If you’re in L.A. as a tourist you must get a picture of the hollywood sign.┬áThe history of the sign is quite interesting, and its remarkable it’s actually there.

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And ‘Hi There’ L.A.

zzzzzzzzzzzzz…………I’m sleepy. Bit of a longer trip than anticipated to get here, and struggling a little to get with the programme. Hotel not too far from the Airport however apparently nothing in the L.A. area is measured in distances, everything … Continue reading

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