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The Koala Hospital

Port Macquarie is another lovely Australian town, lots of beaches, as is the standard for this part of the world..One thing Australia is not short of is beautiful clean beaches, and the majority of them are almost deserted!

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Port Macquarie – Aliens and Monsters

We arrived in Port MacQuarie, the accommodation is  absolutely awesome, but there are monsters lurking.

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The Random Dog

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Rarotonga Chickens

In Rarotonga Chickens are everywhere. literally.

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Gahhhhhh! I’m being eaten alive!

Absolutely every bloody bitey thing here has taken a bite out of me! That is all.

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Not Honeymooners at all

Turns out the guests next door weren’t on honeymoon. They were Mother and Daughter.

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We think our neighbours are on honeymoon

These guys like to hang out on the terrace of the apartment next door – too cute for words!

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Diamond Head

We thought we would go to Diamond Head and walk up to the top of the volcanic tuff cone.  This was a great idea until we looked it up and found it is currently closed Monday to Thursday for maintenance … Continue reading

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Lahaina Town Party Night

Town party night, we were planning on chilling out but thought we should at least put in an appearance.

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It’s Frogs vs Reggae

No, it’s not a dodgy horror crossover. The house next door is having a party, and there is Mahoooooooosive reggae blasting out from a concert quality PA. Frogs are not taking it lightly though. Contestant..ready – Gladiator…ready

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